contoh paragraf yang menggunakan tense simple present dan simple past.

biasanya untuk yang menggunakan simple present tense yaitu descriptive text dan procedure text.

dan biasanya untuk yang menggunakan simple past tense yaitu narrative text dan recount text.

contoh paragraf descriptive text.

My Dog

My friend at home is my dog. His name is chiko. color of my dog is black. then, he is thin but he is tall.  he is very cute and faithful. Everyday, he always waits me in front of my house. However, he also make me annoyed because he is more sleep than eat. he likes sleep in front of my bedroom. sometimes, he sleeps near me. I always play with him and he always makes me laugh with his style. because of that, I love him very much.

contoh paragraf procedure text.

how to make ice milk tea

milk tea is the beverage for all age. it is very easy to be made. the first, you take a glass and spoon, then prepare milk, tea, ice and sugar. after that, put one spoon of sugar in the glass, pouring half glass  hot water, and stir it. next step, put one pocket of  tea in the glass and dip it until the color is scarlet. the last step, pouring a sachet of milk and then stir it again and to make it cold, put some ice. ice milk tea is better drink with some cakes.

contoh paragraf recount text.

a bad surprise

last year, I went to my village to meet with my friend. when I arrived at his home, he was not there. I was bored because he left me. he fished with his friend until four hours. I was sad and angry but I didn’t do something. I just waited until he came. when he came, I said for him if I didn’t like to wait until some hours. it was very bored. and then I never came to his house again. and finally,  we were not friend again.

untuk contoh narrative text bisa di lihat di cerita-cerita pendek. seperti, buggy races,the  two friends and the bears dan lainnya.


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